We are multidisciplinary artists that create audio and visual art.

A Directing/Film/Photo and Editing duo. Currently specializing in short-form commercials with an emphasis on Fashion, Beauty and Accessories.
The video above shows our directing, dop, editing and music work.

Our notion is a combination of art, design and sound accuracy. We don't simply put sound on images or images on sounds, but consider the two as a whole set in relation to each other. Our ethic is a symbiotic balance between nature and humanity, the feminine and masculine energies is what our work is all about. 

We aim to achieve aesthetic beauty and harmony, regardless of the genre. We are aware of our environment being a grey scale. Because nothing has ever been portrayed in black & white. We don't judge half-truths, because we've never found anything to be right or wrong. It's the combination and choice of skills that makes each project feel original.

Our commissioned work is the result of mutual trust in an aesthetic vision between us and the client's ambitions, making each project an engaging playground for our skills. However, due to the diversity of audiences, products, moods and the complex nature of each project, we have made it a little easier by categorising our wide-ranging experiences into individual reels.

F*#k genres, we create moods.

— Liam & Ekaterina
krɪptɪk ˈtʃaɪld]


We were commissioned to create short TVC and cinema commercials based on art director mood and storyboard provided by various agencies. The footage materials of these beauty & jewelry projects were carefully sourced based on our aesthetic preference.


These B2Bs and TVCs are sent to ambassador hairdressers and salons around the world to promote the new lines to their customers. We worked closely with set designers and photographers to create unique scenes with props to create fun and tongue-in-cheek films.


To accentuate our commissioned stills, we merged our graphical work with our photography, complementing our sense of design and contemporary spirit. In addition, we took a series of video and sound recordings of natural spaces, creating a soundtrack that reflects a sensitive atmosphere echoing the energy of a captured image.


As well as producing music within our own ecosystem, Liam has also collaborated with other directors, artists and film producers world wide. Working for bespoke/sync projects and landing placements in over 33 unique commercials globally. In this client rundown, we have compiled a reel showcasing a selection of music brand campaigns.

more videos on our vimeo channel
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