We are Audio Visual Artists.

Fu#k Genres. We Create Moods.

Mission —

  1. Limbo
  2. Savvy 
  3. Kinesthesia 
  4. Atony 

Work — 

  1. Film 
  2. Social Clips
  3. GIFs 
  4. Photography

 — Info

  1. In our work we explore the awareness of our society and the artificial boundaries of our mind. We use analogue & technological tools, to turn our ideas into a individual, manifested and bundled package.

  2. We see persistent growth of technology becoming rampant towards our integrity as self-paced frequencies. Our work responds exactly to that collective consciousness, that is in need of a new social environment.

©CRPTC CHILD© 2019 ©       Hamburg, Germany.


Fu#k Genres.
We create Moods.

“When Merging their individual skills, the aftermath somewhat becomes vastly unexpected. Just like that of an unanticipated child.” - The Bosco Magazine

                We are not an agency. We are two Audio Visual creatives currently based in Hamburg, Germany. This multi-conceptual project started after several years of living together & working in the fashion and music industry. Our work is a combination of still and moving imagery:

Fashion & Social Media Campaigns
Music Video Production
Fine Art & Fashion Photography
Cinemagraphs, Gifs & Social Stickers
Animation & Motiondesign
Music/Score & Sound FX Production

Katinka, born and raised in St.Petersburg, Russia. Has delved her way through the midst of story telling, working in various projects as a Film Director and Illustrator.

Liam Back British Electronic Music producer, Cinematographer and former Graphic Designer, has released over five albums on Itunes & Spotify, achieving TVC placements on a global scale.

  1. Giphy 106.3 M Views
  2. Ello 764.1K Views
  3. Ello 19.1 K Followers
  4. Instagram 2.3K Followers

  1. The Bosco Magazine
  2. GRAZIA Magazine
  3. FGUK Magazine
  4. Superior Magazine
  5. GQ Online Magazine
  6. Chasseur Magazine
  7. JNC Magazine
  8. HUF Magazine
  9. Toksick Magazine
  10. GQ Magazine

  1. Mitchell & Ness
  2. Henrik Vibskov
  3. Calzedonia
  4. Porsche Design
  5. Zalando
  6. Diesel
  7. Levis
  8. Nitro
  9. Universal Music
  10. B&K
  11. Land Rover
  12. Heineken
  13. Silk Relations GmbH
  14. Recordbay GmbH
  15. Kult Group GmbH
  16. Johnnie Walker,
    Blue Label

  17. etc.