Alterna Campaign [Excerpt]

Commissioned for:
Film Direction
Director of Photography [D.O.P]
Video Editing
Color Grading
Music Composition

Director’s Cut:
Film & New Post Direction
Director of Photography [D.O.P]
Video Editing
Color Grading
Video Retouch
Music Composition

Casting & Producer - ROBA IMPACT
Creative Director - Simon Ellis
Events Manager - Nikolas Tilaveridis
Marketing Manager - Lena Reitzig

Hair Stylist - Joana Neves
Hair Stylist Assistant - Anna Fomina
Make Up - Sabrina Dijkman
Make Up - Assistant Laila Tang
Styling - Mira Uszkureit
Styling Assistant - Pia Stroehler
Set Stylist - Julia Böpel
Studio - Highnoon Studios Hamburg

Talent Gwen - Modelwerk

Mood Film Direction & DOP - CRPTC CHILD
Education Film - Jens Sage
1st Lighting Assistant - Yunus Hutterer
Education Photography - Giovanni Mafrici

Photography - Jack Eames
Digital Tech Photo - Thomas Gering
1st Lighting Assistant - Gareth Horton
2nd Lighting Assistant - Kate Kuklinsky
Social Media Photography - Sebastian Lemme
Digital Tech SoMe Photography - Matic Blanik

“Director’s Cut” of the Alterna Campaign we filmed & directed. This interpretation showcases our aesthetic vision and sonic language. If interested, please contact us for more info regarding the client/agency’s outcome.